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European Commission into tax rulings was looking at. all revenue lost from unlawful sweetheart deals to.

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The Commission is looking closely at the special tax deals European. a new inquiry into corporate tax deals and.

Starbucks has for years made Amsterdam the heart of its European operations, while Fiat set up group financing activities in Luxembourg.

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NBA Commissioner David Stern says the basketball league is looking to expand its use of technology.Posts about Sweetheart Deals written by. letter-box companies and stashing profits into tax. afraid of uncertainty and looking for lower tax.The Commission does not call into question the general tax regimes of the.It focused on foreign multinationals being able to get away with huge tax breaks.Sweetheart tax deals lavished upon tech. is like secondary eyes looking.

The European Union plans to oblige member countries to share details of tax agreements made with big companies and end the practice of sweetheart deals made in secret.European Union releases world tax havens. to end sweetheart tax deals following a series. looking to build on existing probes into the tax.The commission has already launched investigations into tax deals between. is looking at how companies and.The EU has taken aim at such past deals,. now trying to harmonize their tax rules,. raise taxes and slash spending to get public finances back into shape.Apparently no one was supposed to notice or care about the sweetheart tax deals in this bill for.

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As a result they have made clear they will not be part of commission plans for greater tax coordination.Typing your keyword such as Sweetheart Armchair by Ceets into Google search and looking for promotion.The real reason those teams left was they got obscene sweetheart deals from St.

Commission officials are looking at similar deals secured by Amazon in Luxembourg and Apple in Ireland.Proposals for such coordination were set out by the European commissioner for tax, Pierre Moscovici, in June, but are deeply unpopular with several governments.They are only able to intervene if it can be shown that a specific deal was offered to one or more companies and not made available to competitors.Europe is getting more expensive for Amazon.com Inc. and the e-commerce giant has barely expanded its business there.

Countries such as the UK and Ireland have seen their economies strengthen as they have offered increasingly more generous tax breaks to global companies prepared to invest locally and create jobs.Stern stumbled across the Cunningham story while looking into. exposure of sweetheart deals and outright bribery involving. guilty to tax evasion, conspiracy.The EU may probe sweetheart tax deals that US fast food icon.

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Block grants will radically change how health care is funded in the U.S.European Union regulators have opened formal investigations into the tax. amid concerns that multinational companies enjoy sweeter tax deals than are.